Hip Hop artist Commas N' Zeros, A.K.A "The Schemin' Demon" is a musical embodiment of the struggle, perseverance, hustle, deep rooted hispanic culture, and success of the Sun City born and raised in El Paso, Texas; Commas (Alex Sanchez) is the hometown kid whose influence stretches throughout the main five sections of the city. Commas N' Zeros has a realistic feel and overtone to his music closely related to that of someone inspired by greats like South Park Mexican. His business mind could be easily compared to other musician/entrepreneurs such as Berner, creating music with the heart beat and soul of Lil' Boosie, while also excelling in other facets of the clothing and entertainment industry. 

Commas N' Zeros is set to release his debut mixtape B.A.G.S (Before Anyone Gave A Sh*t) on April 20th 2016. Keeping true to his Texas roots, B.A.G.S is a double disk set including a "Screwed and Chopped" version hosted by none other than Lil Young of the multi-platinum Record Label Swishahouse. The label is home to some of hip hop's hardest hitters including Mike Jones, Chamillionaire, Slim thug, Lil' Keke, & even Paul wall. B.A.G.S will be available on all major music outlets such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and In addition, limited edition physical copies of B.A.G.S will also be available. B.A.G.S The Mixtape will be a breath of fresh air to listeners seeking meaning and originality in today's saturated music scene. Here is a link to Commas N' Zeros first single from B.A.G.S "My Side" the official video on 
YouTube -

Here are a few ways to stay updated with Commas N' Zeros leading up to and ensuing the release of B.A.G.S The Mixtape.

Twitter: @commasnzeros
Instagram: @commasnzeros
YouTube: @commasnzeros
Facebook Artist page "Commas N' Zeros"